Joining Forces with Huron Humane Society, A No kill animal sheltor. We will be taking donations this year!! Lets fill a hearse!!

Joining Forces with Huron Humane Society, A No kill animal sheltor. We will be taking donations this year!! Lets fill a hearse!!

Items to Donate:

* 60 watt light bulbs            *AA & AAA Batteries     *Bleach    *Brooms & Dustpans    *Cat & Dog Toys    *Cat carriers   

* Clay cat litter      *Collars & Leashes   *Dish Soap     *Empty Spray Bottles     *Garden Hose & Nozzles    *Ink pens    *Kitten food

*Kuranda Dog beds     *Large wire dog cages     *Laundry Detergent     *Litter Boxes    *Animal Nail Clippers    *Paper towels   

*Storage bins     *Tie Outs     *XL black garbage bags

Lets fill a hearse!!! Or 2?!?!

2015 Response:

Joanie: good to see your group today. Thank you so much for including Mancelona.  We are proud (and very pleased!) that you chose our community for one of your stops. We welcome you back any time.

Rich: Thank you for a great time. Met some good people. Had a blast

Dave: Was such a great time!! All you guys are awesome!!

Chris: Just made it home, it was an absolute blast. Loved seeing you guys! Can't wait till next time!

Ronnie: Another great cruise... I may have missed half of it due car issues but still most definitely worth the trip!

Cindy: We had a great time and met a lot of wonderful people. Hope to make this event next year!

Debbie: Thank you for coming to Kalkaska this year! I've seen so many friends post pics in my news feed today and they all thought it was fantastic! If anyone is interested, we will be having a classic car show at our annual Seniors' Picnic at the Kalkaska Commission on Aging July 17. I will post more details later in case any of you would like to join us. We always have regular cars and two sheriff's cars but I think it would be a kick to have a hearse or two. Thanks again and hope to see you next year!

Jessica: Enjoyed going to Gaylord to see you all this evening....even though I had surgery today. I enjoyed it so much last year I didn't want to miss it.

Caleb: Glad we made it to Gaylord last night to see all the lovelies lined up. My wife got to come this year. She and the daughter loved it! I need to really start shopping for a hearse of our own.

Alice: What an awesome display of hearses :) I loved seeing the huge old ones. Will be looking forward to seeing them next year :) Thanks for the great show :)



2014 Response:

Wayne: "Thanks Jeff for making such a great event work to the tees! I had a great time and look forward to next year."

Caleb: "My little girl loved the Hearses in Cheboygan!" "What a pretty group of cars! I brought my little girl to check them out. I'm so glad you did this!"

Kurt: "Great day so many new friends! Thanks thanks thanks Jeff!"

Ronnie: "Great event, great to see everyone" "Great event, prefect balance of car show and cruise. Flawlessly organized and executed! My whole family enjoyed the weekend and look forward to returning in 2015."

Jeff: "Had a great time, Thank you to the folks in Gaylord for letting us use the Pavilion and we look forward to next year!" "Loved all the support from the local communities and seeing all the smiling faces coming in to see such a unique event"

Dave: "This cruise was an awesome event! Looking forward to next year!"

Desa: "This was an awesome event very well organized. We had a great time can't wait till next year's event."

Maggie: "So well put together, very organized. Great company, great times. The stops and the cruise were perfect . Loved all the support from others too. Spectacular event can't wait till next one."

Jessica: "I was able to see you guys in Cheboygan and loved it! Finding a group such as this is rare. I have a better appreciation for hearses now and I have always liked them. You all show different amazing qualities and bring personality to them as well."

Will: "Its was so amazing it has been a very long time since I have been to Mackinaw City area I was at least 12 13 years old . I had one hell of a vacation. Got to know a lot of cool drivers and cars . . will do more cars shows . and be back next year. Thanks again."